Postal Try-On


We now offer postal try ons for $30! (+ $10 for return overnight tracked shipping). 

NOTE: Please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing a postal try on: 

The try on fee includes one dress only. 

You can only try on ONE garment at a time.

If you end up hiring the garment, we will reimburse you $20 of the try on fee. 

Simply click the drop down menu, it will show all dresses. Once you have clicked the dress, click the calendar to choose your desired date for the try on. 

You will receive your garment to try on for one day only. It must be returned to your nearest NZ Post counter the following business day after receiving your try on. Failure to return the garment on time will incur the full rental fee (we are strict on this). 

We will send your try on when the garment is not in use, this will usually be on a weekday. Sometimes we are unable to send out a garment to try on, especially if it is a popular garment that has been booked back to back. In this case, we will notify you that your try on has been cancelled and refund you. (Please note that rentals take priority of try ons). If you would like to check whether your garment is available to try on before processing your order, feel free to email us on