How do I make a booking?

~ Browse & Book ~
 Browse through our amazing collection of designer garments, once you have found the dress you would like to rent, use the calendar and select the date that you're wanting to rent the dress. *Note: Please allow 3 working days to ensure that it gets to you on time. 
~ Delivery ~
We will aim to get your garment posted and delivered to your door 1-3 days before your desired date. 
 ~Wear ~
Look gorgeous in one of our garments. Make sure to TAG us in your pictures @sagesdesignercloset (we love instagram). 
~ Return ~
Using the courier bag it arrived with, return your garment to your local NZ Post Shop on the following working day. It's that easy!

* You are required to send your rented item back the NEXT working day after you have received it-Using the prepaid return bag that was supplied (e.g. if you rent one of our dresses for a Saturday night, the dress must be sent back to us the following Monday). Otherwise, you will be charged with a late fee of $25 per day. 

NOTE: We do not allow our pieces to go overseas.


 How do I know if my desired item is available to rent? 

To check the availability of any item, simply click into the product page for the item you are wanting to book, and check the calendar for availability. If the date is fogged out and you are unable to click on it, this means the item is booked. If you can select the date and continue to check out, this means it's available for you to book. 

When I book a rental, which date am I supposed to select?

It is VITAL that you select the date you'll be wearing the garment, and we'll get it to you 1-3 days prior.

When will my rental arrive?

We aim to get all rentals to our customers at least 1-3 days before their chosen event. Garments that are booked to be rented on a Saturday are usually posted on a Wednesday after they have been cleaned from the previous weekends rental. In some unfortunate cases where there is a late return from a pervious renter, the garment may be posted on Friday morning using the Saturday delivery courier option.
NOTE: Once the tracking has been provided, it is up to the customer to call NZ Post (0800 COURIER) to arrange the delivery if there has been a transit delay of any sort. If you notice a delay, feel free to email us at   info@sagesdesignercloset.com, and we will try to assist you as much as we can.
Please note: We do not provide refunds if it is clear that you were ignorant to a postal delay. 

Do you offer try-ons?

Unfortunately, at this moment and time we do not offer try-on here in Hawkes Bay as I simply do not have time in-between full time work. 

Do you offer postal try-ons?

We are currently working on this! In the next couple of months we will endeavour to have this all set up (watch this space). 

Can I rent an item for an event/holiday overseas?

We do! We do offer extended rentals for a fee. For more information please email: info@sagesdesignercloset.com.


 How much is shipping? And what does it include?


 We ship each order using an overnight delivery service to you via CourierPost, inside this courier bag we include an overnight courier bag for you to return the rental back to us. 

How does shipping work?

Once you have put the garment into the bag and have taken it to your local post shop, simply hand the prepaid bag with the item in it over to the counter to activate the tracking. It's that easy! 

When do I have to return my rental? 

It is a requirement within our Hire Policy that all rentals will need to be posted back the next working day after your event. This is normally on a Monday. Using the Courier bag provided, simply pop the dress in the prepaid postage bag and hand it over to the courtier at your local NZ Post Shop. This activates the shipping, and the tracking- done!   

General questions: 

Do I wash the garment before posting it back?

Nope! Under no circumstances should the renter wash the garment or take it to the dry-cleaners. Some of our garments are very delicate and costly, therefore we would hate to see the garment damaged through washing it incorrectly. Let us take care of it! Wear the garment and send it back- easy!
NOTE: If there are damages on the dress such as: stains, rips, tears, or substantial stretching, or pulling- an extra cost will be charged on top of the rental fee. This may vary depending on the dress and the damage ($10-$50). If the garment is unable to be repaired to its original condition, it will need to be replaced by the customer. It is a requirement in our rental agreement that upon renting the customer agrees to cover the cost of repairing any damage, or replacing any item that they have rented at such time. 

What if my rental doesn't fit or I don't end up wearing it?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund if your chosen rental does not fit you or look good. This is a risk that comes with hiring a garment online. Before renting we will endeavour to do our best in answering size and fit queries and questions. It is important to note that if you do not end up wearing the garment or do not attend your event, we cannot offer a refund at this time. 

 Do you post internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not post internationally. 

For any other questions or enquiries, please email info@sagesdesignercloset.com.